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Not able to use the search bar in my workforce project. It will not respond. Has anyone experienced a similar issue and come across any explanations for why this happens?

Question asked by Chrisby54 on Feb 2, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2019 by js.brewington

So, I just finished the process of making a simple workforce application. After adding both a Survey123 survey as well as a collector layer, I proceeded to complete the project and then open it. However, once opening the project I was not able to search for any addresses or locations in the search simply does not respond. I have the ArcGIS Navigator added to the project as well. The only dispatcher and worker I have added to the project though are both myself, I did this to test the quality of the application before diving in head first. Is it possible that this is causing the project to not be able to search for addresses or locations? Has anyone else experienced a similar problem and know of any other reasons this could be happening? Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you!