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Some WAB Developer widgets not working?

Question asked by travis.slack on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2017 by rickag

Sorry for all the questions folks! I finally managed to get portal/server (10.4) working with IWA when they're on a different domain than active directory thanks to ESRI support. So I am attempting to use WAB developer edition to publish some apps.


My steps thus far have been replacing the certs that come with it with my CA signed ones. Once I have built the app and set my layers and widgets and download the app and put it on my web server somewhere, go to portal > add application and link to where i put the downloaded app. 


so far so good, it loads, it appears as a featured app when i group it, the layers i have added show up and work, but when I go to print I get this (grids is shared with everyone):


Error executing tool. Export Web Map Task Job ID: j47fec7a6e8af41c0ae9599b99c42145d : Layer "Grids": Unable to connect to map server at Failed to execute (Export Web Map). Failed to execute (Export Web Map Task).


I also have the add data widget. It won't add layers that are shared with Everyone from my organization (says failed) and adding zips gives me this error: 

Generate Features error: Unable to determine hosted server's instance URL (no hosted server configured?).


Thanks for any tips here