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What is default token expiration and how to extend.

Question asked by TLongSUGF on Feb 2, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by TLongSUGF

What is the default token expiration.  Based on the code it seems to be 5 hours, however, I seem to have to log back in after 30 minutes.  


There is a multiplier in the code, 10000, that I can edit to get a longer token, but it seems to not work.  Where does the qml request token time.  When I generate token in portal I get to choose the expiration...


  var now = new Date();
                _portal.lastRenewed = now;
                _portal.expires = new Date(now.getTime() + response.expires_in*10000);
                console.log("Token expires at : ", expires.toLocaleString());
                timer.interval = _portal.expires - - 5000;