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open/display offline data files

Question asked by amir.hasanli on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by LDanzinger-esristaff

Greetings everybody,

I just start working with ArcGIS SDK V100.000 for Qt , and I'm a little bit confused now.

To be clear and avoid any confusion, Here is what i want to do:

   I want to be able to display offline data(Vectors Mostly, like shape files), and manage their properties,and be able to change their "attribute table".

for example i want to display list of polygons that are stored in a geodatabase(.gdb) or in a .shp and change color of each polygon based on one of Attribute table's column(i should be able to update that column from a .cvs file)

How can i do it?

BTW, if you have any resource and documents that i can use to understand abilities of ArcGIS SDK and how to build programs using it, please share it :-) Thanks in advance.