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Make a new question dependent on an image capture

Question asked by beutelt on Jan 30, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by beutelt

Hi everyone.

I have a survey that requires collection of up to 3 images. Attached is an image of how I currently handle it which is sufficient but a little clunky. (Please note I am deliberately avoiding repeats to make the export of photos simpler athe back end of AGOL).


Currently, users start seeing only Attach1 as its default is "No". If they select "Yes" for Attach1 then Image 1 appears, as does Attach2. What I want though is for Attach2 to appear AFTER Image 1 is captured. The problem is replicated with the Attach2 response where Attach3 and Image 2 appear simultaneously.


So my question is what can I put in the highlighted Relevant cells to enact those lines only after the previous photo is collected? Or is there another way around this?