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cannot access arcgis server manager or admin in catalog

Question asked by bobbistrais on Jan 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by bobbistrais

I know people have asked similar questions in the past, but I'm stuck.  I am not able to connect to ArcGIS Server Manager on my computer.  I enter the correct URL and it just waits until it times out.  

In addition, my publisher and admin connections in ArcCatalog, to that server, will not connect.


I have tried clearing the cache and 3 different browsers (Chrome, FF, Edge).  Also tried turning off the firewall.


These problems have only surfaced in he past 2 days.  I had no trouble before then.  I can access the Server Manager from a different computer.


So it seems like it may be system related, but I'm out of ideas.  Does anyone have any thoughts?