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calculate volume of water from aerial photos

Question asked by gisadminsfa on Jan 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2017 by dkwiens

I have been given Aerial photos of a flooded area of land and also a DEM and the first return lidar data of the same area. I also know the water level of the river on the day of the flood. I have been asked to estimate the effects of cutting off a drainage channel (effectively the creation of a damm wall) at a certain point. All things being equal, if I were to calculate the total volume of water contained by the flooding in the actual basin during the flood using the dem and the water height as a contour, then alter the DEM to include a Dam at a certain point, is there a tool which will calculate the height of the water volume after refilling the basin?


So in laymans terms I am basically shrinking the volume of a basin and calculating by how much the water level will rise with a given volume of water. Which tools could do this? I have ArcGIS Advanced, Spatial analyst, 3D analyst.