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Disagreement between scale bar and scale text on printed map.

Question asked by Ditlev on Jan 30, 2017
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Hey everyone.

I have created a map in Arcmap in fixed scale 1:200. I have added both scale text and scale bar to my map. However, when I print out my map on paper (In A4), these is disagreement the scale text and the scale bar. The scale text of course indicates that 1 cm is 200 cm. However, according to the scale bar, 1 cm is more like 2.3 cm. 


How come there can be this disagreement between the two scale items? Shouldn't the scale text be trustworthy when you print out your map? And how should I react to it? I just need to be sure that I know how long 1 cm is on the map.


Thank you for your help!


Kind regards