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Eliminate title row in TOC for one layer service

Question asked by ingenue3911 on Jan 25, 2017

This question is specifically for using map services containing one layer in NLiu's TOC. In the following code (from the widget), I am understanding that there is the possibility of eliminating the first row corresponding to the layer entry's title :


_createRootLayerNode: function(rootLayer){
domClass.add(this.rowNode, 'agsjsTOCRootLayer');
domClass.add(this.labelNode, 'agsjsTOCRootLayerLabel');
var title = this.rootLayerTOC.config.title;
// if it is '' then it means we do not title to be shown, i.e. not indent.
if (title === '') {
// we do not want to show the first level, typically in the case of a single map service
} else if (title === undefined){
// no title is set, try to find default
if ({
// this is a featureLayer
title =;
} else {
var start = rootLayer.url.toLowerCase().indexOf('/rest/services/');
var end = rootLayer.url.toLowerCase().indexOf('/mapserver', start);
title = rootLayer.url.substring(start + 15, end);



However, when setting the title: as '', the service just doesn't appear in the TOC.  Anyone gotten this work? Am I misunderstanding what this part of the code is supposed to do?


function initLegend () {
toc = new TOC({
map: window.myMap,
layerInfos: [
layer: OneLayerService,
title: '',
collapsed: true
//layerList: layerInfo
}, 'legendDiv');