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Problem with cache and AGOL Tiles

Question asked by pan_gis on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by AZiegler-esristaff


need to clarify things regarding map caching as I need to solve a performance problem:


Server 10.2

Map published as a service, cashed till tile 19 (1:1128) AGOL cache.


The data and map (mxd) are all in WGS84 (I need this as it better this coordinate for data).

The service is published in Web Mercator as I  need this for a AGOL service to work.


The service is used by an app.

As soon as I zoom in too close (different tiles for imagery and topographic) the message "Map not available yet" appears.


Now, what is it better?:


  • Recreate the tile in a custom mode: I have realized that if I delete the cache and I tile again from the service properties I can change the tile scheme and tile the map as I want. The map is still in Web Mercator and the tile are customized (tested on another service).
  • Remove the tile and use the dynamic data.
  • Limit the zoom with an app customization (QT)  (no idea if I can as I don't make code, I would ask if is it possible).


I would go for the first one but I am worried that I can mess something with that. Any idea?

Limit the zoom on a map can work?