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Joining surveys with same unique IDs to a feature service

Question asked by raofarhansafdar on Jan 24, 2017

Hello there


I have made four survey forms using Survey 123 which are as

  • Plantation survey
  • Harvest survey
  • Fertilizer survey
  • Pesticide survey

in addition i have a feature service on my web gis app ,  which has a unique field of FarmerID

in my all my survey forms i am gonna put the same Farmer ID ,so when i update data i want my survey data to be updated at the same location of my feature service resembling that unique FarmerID. but i am facing the following problems

  • the survey data updates comes with their own location , even though i haven't put the location field in survey app
  • i cant find the solution of attaching survey data to my feature service 

answers will be much appreciated