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generate_raster in raster analytics

Question asked by spring1990 on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by jie_zhang-esristaff

I explored the function generate_raster in ArcGIS python API, following the tutorial creating raster information product using raster analytics | ArcGIS for Developers.


It worked perfectly when using the built-in raster functions like 'Stretch' as demoed in the tutorial. But when I replace the rasterFunction name with the one in my image service, like, 'customRasterFunction', it returned the error below.


ERROR 001641: The specified entry 'Input Raster Function' is invalid. A processing template must reference either a valid raster function template (RFT) XML file or a pre-existing template by name.\nFailed to execute (GenerateRasterFromRasterFunction).\n."}


It seems that it could not find the raster function template 'customRasterFunction'. However, when I opened the image service in map viewer, and click 'Image Display', I can change the Renderer to the 'customRasterFunction', and the image is displayed without any problem. 


Any idea why?