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Navigation auto pan mode in Android emulator (100.0.0)

Question asked by henrou on Jan 25, 2017
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I'm porting an iOS app using ArcGIS Runtime 10.2.5 to Android, using the 100.0.0 runtime version. The app relies on the navigation auto pan mode to have the location display always point up and the underlying map rotate so that the direction of travel is displayed. During the development of the iOS version of the app I could set a GPXDataSource to the location display to simulate movement. With every new location the location display was moved and the map rotated.


With the new Android runtime there is no GPXDataSource (the only known subclass to LocationDataSource is the default AndroidLocationDataSource) and loading emulated movement in the form of a GPX file into the emulator gives no course or velocity in the LocationChangedEvents Location object.


How can I get the navigation auto pan mode behaviour in the emulator? Do I need to build my own LocationDataSource?