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Create a geodatabase (and st_geometry) in Oracle Express 11g R2 for home use

Question asked by Wilson4321 on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by Wilson4321

I'd like to set up a database environment at home that mimics what I have in the office (Oracle enterprise geodatabase/ESRI's st_geometry). I want to do this for personal use, specifically to play around with spatial databases  in an Oracle/ESRI environment.


I plan to set up ArcGIS Desktop Advanced (Personal Use license) as the client and Oracle XE 11g R2 (64-bit) as the database. I'll create a geodatabase in the Oracle XE database, and add a st_geometry user-defined type.

From what I've read, it looks like this is possible, in theory. The Oracle database requirements for ArcGIS 10.3.x document says that Oracle 11g R2 (64-bit) is supported by ArcGIS desktop. However, it doesn't explicitly say that the express edition (XE) of Oracle is supported. Also, it has occurred to me that I've never heard of anyone else doing this.


Since I will be purchasing new hardware and software solely for this purpose, I'd like to know ahead of time -- will this work? Can I create a geodatabase (with st_geometry) using ArcGIS Desktop Advanced (Personal Use license) in an Oracle XE 11g R2 (64-bit) database?


(I'll admit that I don't fully understand how not having ArcGIS Server/ArcSDE will play into this.)