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AppLogin and Runtime 100 without prompting to login

Question asked by nita14 on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by mikedmanak

Hi All,


I am looking for the easiest way to access premium services from ArcGIS Online in my app without prompting user to login.


I found good article about authentication Authentication with ArcGIS Android 100.0.0 Part 2 | ArcGIS Blog, so I tried  to implement  AppLogin (Implementing App Login | ArcGIS for Developers ), but  no success. I do not find any option to pass client_id and client secret to OAuthManger, so I can be autohorized to use premium content. Next, I thought, I can use hosted proxy on ArcGIS Online, but did not find any example how to use it with Runtime 100. 


Any help is welcome,


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