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Is it possible to share an app publicly but keep certain data private?

Question asked by myoung04 on Jan 23, 2017
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I'm wondering if it's possible to share an app publicly but not have to share all of the data layers publicly? Some of my data layers in my app are freely available to the public on the internet or the layers do not contain any personal information. Some of these layers are flood plains, permitted mining and petroleum sites.


I have some testing data done at private residential homes which I'm trying to add as layers in a heat map format. I'm trying to keep anonymity so individual homes cannot be identified, I've set my extents on the layers accordingly. The issue is I'd have to make my testing data layer shared to the public as well. Anyone with AGOL or Arcmap would be able to use the data layer and identify the individual residences.   


Some options I've looked at are creating tile layers of the heat maps, the quality was a bit poor. I need to experiment with it some more.


I made an attempt at using an Arcdeveloper free account to register the app and use the "app login" but wasn't able to execute it. It looks like some sort of coding is involved and I have no experience in that area.


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