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Layer Symbology vs Legend Symbology

Question asked by suhrl_PSE on Jan 23, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2017 by PatrickG25

I'm having some trouble with getting legend symbology for lines accurately represented in the layout legend by comparison to what the layer symbology defines in the map.  Specifically, when I have a dashed effect on the line with butt ends and a round join type, the legend item draws it as a dashed line with square ends and round join type.  From the best I can tell, round ends get converted to square ends as well.  The only fix, that I have found, is to convert the legend to graphics and change the end type for each affected layer.  This is a real pain.  Has anybody else experienced this?

ArcGIS Pro Legend Issue 1

I've replicated the issue on three different Pro projects.  I'm working with ArcGIS Pro v 1.4.  I did not experience this issue with v 1.3.  Of the three Pro projects I tested, two came from v1.3.  One is a new v1.4 project.


Really I just want to know if others experience this before I log a bug.