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How do I lock a share setting so it can't be changed by others in the Organization?

Question asked by melaniewilliams on Jan 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2017 by melaniewilliams

There are a few commonly used data layers in my Organization that are publicly available.  Many of them are on high profile maps that are public and used often.  Occasionally, a member of our Org will want to add these layers in a private map with other private layers.  When they go to the Share setting dialog box and select anything other than public, an "Update Sharing" box pops up asking if they would like to update the share settings to the layers listed so that they can be viewed in a web map.  However, the listed layers often do not include the public layers that are the ones being changed.  


Therefore, these Org members have no idea that these common public layers are now being changed to whatever more restrictive sharing level they have set the rest of their map to.  This causes our high profile public maps to now prompt users for a username and password which can be very frustrating to end users.


We have sent out information warning Org members of the issue but with a large ArcGIS Online Org., this message can easily get lost or forgotten.  


My Question: Is there any way to lock the share setting so that those items marked as Public can not be changed?  Maybe something similar to the delete protection option would be great.  I have searched through the ArcGIS Online help files with no luck.  Maybe I'm asking the question wrong.


Any advice or direction would be much appreciated!