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Can't connect to Portal 10.5 with ldap user account

Question asked by xlhomme on Jan 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2017 by rtolapi


 I've installed Portal for ArcGIS  10.5, I can't log into with my existing user ou create new one. 

My user are store in my ldap. When I test the IdentityStore it keep saying that the test is succesfull. (e.g. https://.../portaladmin/security/config/testIdentityStore)

When I search user in my lddap with the https://.../portaladmin/security/users/getEnterpriseUser, I'm able to obtain the description of the user.


But when I try to connect with a User into Portal, I obtainb an error.


Here is the message in the log : 

"Le fournisseur du magasin d'identités n'est pas initialisé. 'user' manquant dans les propriétés de configuration." 

IdentityStore is not initialize User is missing in the configuration property. 

Where do I need to put this information ?