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help for Identifying true curves

Question asked by dknigge on Jan 20, 2017
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We would like to identify dangerous tight curves in our road database.

To start I calculated a field called 'Sinuosity' with the following expression:

"!Shape.Length! / (math.sqrt(math.pow((float( !Shape.FirstPoint.X!) - float( !Shape.LastPoint.X!)), 2) + math.pow((float( !Shape.FirstPoint.Y!) - float( !Shape.LastPoint.Y!)), 2)))"


I then downloaded a geoprocessing script called 'Identify True Curves' which creates two output feature classes:

OutputCurvePoints and OutputWithCurves

It also creates two temp files: tmpSourceVertices and tmpDensifiedVertices

As the model runs, it gives me an error on both the OuputWithCurves and OutputCurvePoints . The error - 00117: Warning empty output generated. 

Am I missing something? I have made sure that the model paths are correct.

I am using ArcInfo 10.1.

I would much appreciate a work around or maybe even taking a different  approach.

Thank you,