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Relationsship classes - Highlight and make active only the final selection

Question asked by steinjan on Jan 20, 2017
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I have a question, seemengly a trivial one. I build up a physical characterisation database for lakes in ESRI:s filegeodatabase using features, tables and relations classes. I want to evaluate a succession of
criteria, highligt and work with my final selection.

Description : After a succession of selection using different criterias, using available features, tables and relationshipclasses in my database, I found that all the earlier selected steps and results remain highlighted and active in the ArcMaps GUI. I want to see highlighted and active only my final selection.

It is probably easier to describe this case using a mini-database [ ] and the following steps:

1. Select by Attribute from [waterSurface]. Criteria [ShapeArea]= 25000m². ( 10 selected)
2. Select repective lakes, using relationsship classes from [lakeWaterBody]. (10 selected)
3. select respective riparianStrips using relationsship classes, [riparianStrips] (10 selected).
4. Arrange the selection 3 above using the attribute [avgMPI] , highest tolowest values
5. Select from 4 , "avgMPI" >= 0.08 (6 selected)

• I see 10 lakes highlighted in ArcMAp GUI and not the arranged 6 ones from the step 5.

I am grateful for any guidace to solve this case.

comment :

¹ MPI - Morphological Protection Index