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Loading a GeoPackage with Runtime 100

Question asked by chrisb_b on Jan 20, 2017

Can anyone give me the syntax for loading a GeoPackage in Runtime 100 .NET?  The only sample on GiTHub is in Java 10.2 and had a GeoPackage class which seems not to exist any longer. Code such as:

String path = "e:\\GeoPackage\\SU.gpkg";
var gdb = await Geodatabase.OpenAsync(path);

foreach (var table in gdb.GeodatabaseFeatureTables.ToList())
   var layer = new FeatureLayer
      Id = table.TableName,
      FeatureTable = table

yields an empty list of tables so no layers are created, and I can't get an error from OpenAsync to find out what is going wrong.

Many thanks