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JSAPI 4.2: SimpleRenderer mixing up colors. What's up with that?

Question asked by vandervoort on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2017 by RNicola-esristaff

I create a simple renderer with an extrusion and assign it to a feature layer:

var symbol = new PolygonSymbol3D({
   symbolLayers: [new ExtrudeSymbol3DLayer({
      size: 50000, // meters in height extruded

var renderer = new SimpleRenderer({
   symbol: symbol,
   label: "Tract by ROW Acquisition Status",
   visualVariables: [{
      type: "color",
      field: "Acquisition_Status",
      stops: [
            value: 'Not Acquired',
            color: "green", // DISPLAYS AS ***RED*** IN THE WEB SCENE
            label: "Not Acquired"
            value: 'Acquired',
            color: "red", // DISPLAYS AS ***GREEN*** IN THE WEB SCENE
            label: "Acquired"


Then when I view the results in a scene the colors are reversed; i.e., "Acquired" is green and "Not Acquired" is red, even though the code told the renderer to have "Acquired" to be red and "Not Acquired" to be green. WUWT?

red is green and green is red