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Labeling of features in App Studio

Question asked by paul.haakma on Jan 18, 2017
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Hi all.


I'm interested to hear of any other user's experience with labeling of features on maps within apps built with AppStudio. I gather that currently there are no real controls over feature labeling and it is reliant on whatever was set in the feature service initially. I've had a lot of difficulty getting labels to even display, even after playing around extensively with the labeling options in the mxd prior to upload. (yes, labels are enabled on the featurelayer and yes, they do display sometimes, but the logic around placement and display dependent on size and placement of adjourning features/labels seems to result in labels not displaying most of the time)


AGOL seems to display the labels fine. I seem to remember someone in the App Studio or Qt team indicating that work was being done on improving labeling in Quartz.


I'd be interested to hear if anyone had played around with labeling in the existing version, what worked and didn't work.


I'd had thought about writing a function that created and updated graphics on a separate GraphicsLayer with text every time the map extent changed, but am concerned about the device processing overhead that would use and obviously the placement etc would be fairly crude e.g. place in the center of the feature...