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Managing whether attachments download to a device

Question asked by paul.haakma on Jan 18, 2017
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Hi all.


We have a client who is very concerned about the impact of attachments downloading to devices - lots of features and photos would obviously affect mobile data usage in the field and device storage.


The data would be taken into an offline geodatabase.


Ideally, they would like a feature class with attachments enabled, that can attach files to new features and upload the attachments but when syncing would not download any attachments created by any other users. In a perfect world, they could also somehow press a button and trigger a download of attachments for a set of selected features. In other words, they want quite fine grained control of when and whether attachments get downloaded to the mobile device.


I can see that "GenerateGeodatabaseParameters" has 'returnAttachments' property which applies to all layers in the feature service. I tested setting this to false, but it seemed to also disable the ability to add attachments locally to new features.


Can anyone advise whether this might be possible at all and how it might be acheived?