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Can't connect ArcGis Pro to Portal.

Question asked by JordanBaumgardner_GIS on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2017 by JordanBaumgardner_GIS

I'm trying to publish a 3d Scene from ArcGis pro. When I attempt to add my portal it fails.

I installed ArcGis Server 10.4 and added a data source.

I installed WebAdaptor.

I installed ArcGis Portal 10.4 and configured WebAdaptor  works.  works


from ArcGis Pro I add the portal 

it says: "Unable to add the portal. Please make sure that the specified portal is up, running and the URL is correct."

as does /home


If I add the :7443 it works kinda - it registers but if I log in it simply does nothing.

--- If I give it the wrong creds - it says they are the wrong creds. 

--- If I give it the correct creds - the pop-up login window closes and the portal entry in the list box says I need to log in.


Thanks in advance.