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Question asked by Grieck on Jan 13, 2017
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WAB Developer Editon 2.2 Jewelry Box Theme.


Hello all,


I'm so confused. I'm getting conflicting messages from ESRI on WAB development/deployment. I have always been told that my custom widget changes should be made in the server\apps directory. Then when you are ready to publish you open WAB and download the app and post to IIS? Now, I'm being told that you should be working in the downloaded app directory and then post those changes directly to IIS.


What is the "correct" way to make custom code changes on widgets created through WAB. Working within a downloaded copy doesn't allow you to work in localhost. You have to make changes then publish to IIS to test. I have been working in localhost where I can debug my changes and not impact a live site. PLEASE HELP, what is the corret way? How does everyone else do this. And, my live site is throwing a "credential is null" error so I'm afraid there is some kind of licensing issue that is preventing my custom changes from being seen. Has anyone seen this error?


Thank You,