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How to I auto locate the user to current location? (ArcGIS Android SDK 100.0.0)?

Question asked by pradeeptp on Jan 12, 2017
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In my android application I am trying to auto locate the user to the current location. I was using beta version of SDK previously and everything was working fine. Following was the code that I had written, with beta SDK, which worked fine for me, but for SDK 100.0.0 it is not working anymore.


private LocationDisplay mLocationDisplay;
mLocationDisplay = mapView.getLocationDisplay();
if (!mLocationDisplay.isStarted()) {

But this code is not working anymore when I use SDK 100.0.0.  There is no value LocationDisplay.AutoPanMode.DEFAULT in the SDK 100.000. Could someone please help me understand how do I rewrite the code, based on SDK 100.0.0 to locate the user to he current location?. Please note that I am display the Map object inside a fragment.