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Blank record being created in related table when using relevant question with yes/no and a caluclation in related table

Question asked by philipwilson on Jan 12, 2017

Following up from the Holistic Testing in December in Melbourne, one of the things we troubleshoot was the use of the begin repeat and minimal appearance, to avoid blank records being created in the repeat table due to the calculation which is pulling the value from the main table.


I have tested the alternative way suggested, which was to create the repeat question as yes/no, not a number, and use the relevant = yes, and minimal appearance on begin repeat, however I am still getting a blank record created in all the related tables, with only the calculated value. I have set it up the same as we did on the day of testing, however from memory it worked fine then, but now it is behaving in the same way as if I am using the how many repeats number question.


Example below: I created a new asset record with no related entries (answer no to defect question). As you can see from screenshots from AGOL it created 1 entry for every related table with the Asset ID as a value due to the calculation.


I am using the most recent version of Survey123 Connect and the App (official version 1.10.43) which is now a later release then the one we used on testing day, not sure if that makes a difference…. any ideas or have I missed something?


I have emailed this through to Marika and James also, hoping for a solution for this.