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Sudden change in scale/pan occurs on first click of certain tabs in Map Series

Question asked by aroust on Jan 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2017 by aroust

I have a tabbed map series story map set up to show various districts with elected officials in our county. It has 8 tabs, and the tabs each point to a different ArcGIS online map, all of which have the same default extent set up in its settings. I've also added in that default extent to the story map application settings. The extent of the map for tabs 2-8 inherit from the first tab. Here's my issue: when you click on any of the last three tabs (Kansas Senate, US House, Township), the map appears to quickly zoom out, zoom in, and pan from west to east. It only happens the first time that you click the tab. Every subsequent time, the scale stays the same. The sudden zoom-pan behavior is disorienting and unnecessary. Has anyone experienced this issue? Any suggestions on what I could do to stop it?