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Sharing Content through Groups from Organizational Account

Question asked by deleted-user-W17i9rKaOdiH on Jan 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2017 by deleted-user-W17i9rKaOdiH

I understand that administrators of organizational accounts can create groups and then add other members to the group that also have an ArcGIS Online organizational account.


Thus, I created a group within my ArcGIS Online organizational account. However, when I try to invite users to join my group using the Invite Users dialog box, it only returns myself, the member. 


Shouldn't I be able to invite users that have an ArcGIS Online organizational account to join my group? If so, how? In other words, if I know about a organizational account user who makes maps that are relevant to my group, shouldn't I be able to see this user when I try to search for her in the "Enter a name or keyword to find users based on their profile" box.


Why do the results only return me, the owner of the group?