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Commenting your form that doesn't break the converter

Question asked by Sonoma_Land_Trust on Jan 12, 2017
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How are people anticipating the metadata of design and sharing Excel forms when Survey123 shifts from beta to full version and new users will seek samples and guidance?


I was thinking about this in Fulcrum and ODK, but I want to informally poll Survey123 users about how people leave notes for themselves or others embedded in the XLSX document to annotate design and choices.


New versions change design efficiency or create/remove workarounds.


Special formulas and units calculations need some hints for the back end or folks backwards engineering a form to understand how to adapt to their own.


Consistency and ease in doing these comments or reading them is always a plus.


What are your best practices for internally tagging your form designs that don't break the converter?


#commenting inside Excel form for design metadata