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Question asked by devlavigne on Jan 12, 2017
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I spend a lot of time browsing GeoNet, looking for help and seeing where I can help. I thought what might be missing was a place to share some completed work - showcasing how we are using CityEngine and to gather comments and critique by the group. So I thought I'd start one..... feel free to post thoughts, comments, suggestions etc. or shared your own CityEngine work.



I've recently completed a project for a client - a redevelopment concept for a prominent 80-acre site occupied by an aging and outdated strip commercial site. I think the process I used was somewhat unique. The site plan was roughly sketched out with pen and paper, moving the primary building closer to the street, while reducing parking in favor of additional outlot commercial buildings. Opportunities for taller mixed-use buildings on the west side of the site were also suggested. The sketch plan was drawn out in SketchUp, and a simple 2D plan was color coded. I exported it as a KML and imported it into CityEngine. In CityEngine I simply applied my rules onto the color coded shapes created in SketchUp. 


1. Aerial of the site - 80-acres at a prominent intersection of a regional corridor


2. SketchUp model imported into CityEngine as KML/KMZ


3. Color coding/rule explanation

4. Rules applied and linework on


5. Final CityEngine Exports