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How to handle HTML content in GeoRSS Feed - GeoEvent Manager

Question asked by BGrod on Jan 12, 2017
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I am looking for a suggestion on how to handle html content within a GeoRSS feed which is being consumed in GeoEvent Manager and written to a feature service. I am working with GeoEvent Manager 10.3.1, data is writing to SDE in SQL via a hosted feature service with feature access enabled. I'm using "Receive RSS" as my inbound connector, field mapper within the GeoEvent Service to redirect the fields and "Update a Feature" as the output connector. Everything works fine but the Output Connector will not write to my feature service if I add any of the fields which contain html. I really would like the content of the fields with html. I'm okay with reformatting those fields if necessary, just looking for ideas on how to retain that content if anyone has already tackled this issue.