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Agisoft - Arcscene: Bizarrely blocky georeferenced models

Question asked by dc12927 on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2017 by dc12927

My query focuses on the transfer of photogrammetry  models out of Agisoft Photoscan into Arcscene, where i can add geophysical data to them once the model is built. Out of photoscan i have two models; one referenced within local coordinates (position from reference datum in photoscan) and one that is georeferenced to WGS 1984. When i import the models into Arcscene (10.4) the local coordinates model loads fine, yet the georeferenced model imports as a bizarrely blocky model. I can't find a definite answer as to why this is anywhere that works!


Both models are exported in .dae formats and stored as multipatch feature classes within the same geodatabase. Georeferenced model is on the left of the attached file.


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks