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How to dynamic selects from pre-loaded data?

Question asked by RAlouta-esristaff Employee on Jan 11, 2017
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Hi Guys,


So we are facing a problem with trying to select a choice from a pre-loaded data.


We had an external choices list for different business names that had almost 70 000 records. In our workflow we were using the pulldata function to pull Addresses Coordinates Phone numbers etc.. once selecting_one_external business.


we figured out that a more convenient workflow could be followed which is to pull these business names directly from the csv that we have and in that way we save ourselves a lot of back end work.


Therefore, we followed the workflow listed here: 

Which didn't realy work, therefore I thought of doing this on a very smaller scale and just copied the examples that are listed here:


search_and_select - Google Sheets 

fruits - Google Sheets 


Those are documented in the xlxs forms. yet this very simple example didn't work too, where I am sure that I have exactly the same listed fields and sheets.


Once I load the survey I will be seeing the choices listed in the choice list and not the csv in the case my choice will be "name".


I think the problem is in the search() expression where it is not reaching out to the csv. I double checked for search in the types sheet under appearances and still I can't find it.


Please if anyone knows what is the problem here let me know.





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