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How are you using Survey123?

Question asked by CJCarsley on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2017 by OSepulvedaIII

We're doing two major projects with our local (Omaha, NE) Police and Fire Departments.  Recently, our contact with Police asked us if anyone else is using Survey123 for the same, or a similar, purpose.


We are using Survey123 to collect critical information about high priority sites, like schools and major office buildings, as a way to help prepare for emergencies.


Survey123 is the backbone of our data collection because it's form capabilities far exceed anything available with Collector.  We've integrated the feature service to a custom configured website so emergency personnel can quickly and easily view critical information about a structure while at the scene of an emergency.  


We'd like to know if anyone else is doing something similar.