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How to prepopulate geopoint from URL Scheme X & Y

Question asked by OSepulvedaIII on Jan 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by OSepulvedaIII

Good evening everyone,

I have queried the GeoNet and have not come across the workflow on utilizing Lat Long from a feature service within Collector with a URL scheme.  I can push the values across to my survey but I do not know how to have the 'geopoint' default to them.

This is an example of my xlsx form showing Y and X coming across and then combining. Before sending to the geopoint.

Hydrant XLSX Form Example

This is the actual table from the hydrant feature service.  I utilize the FacilityID as my unique ID and also bring across the FMZ and Shift.


This is currently my result.



Again any information would be helpful. TX