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Dijit/form/Select dropdown will not scroll on ios: Dojo Bug

Question asked by jfaron44 on Jan 10, 2017

Dijit/form/Select dropdown will not scroll on ios. I know that Dojo recommends using dojox mobile, but tablets are 'tweeners' in today's world, and this should not be a problem or issue. I would hope that Esri, as a paying customer to Dojo, could perhaps put some weight on this to get Dojo to fix the problem, or suggest a reasonable code adjustment to work around the issue. I have looked at select.js and _list.js (I am using the Bower build), but can't come up with any reason why scroll fails on ios. I have set the maxHeight to -1 as they suggest in the documentation, but the dropdown still does not scroll on ios. I even changed through css the .dijitPopup to overflow:scroll (the defaults to overflow:visible until the user clicks to open the drop-down, wherein it changes to overflow-x: visible, overflow-y:scroll). I know I could use native select, but that destroys the validation that I would like to use.


Has anyone else encountered and solved this? Anyone from Esri have a suggestion, or solution?



Jim Faron