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Intermittent print issues

Question asked by schlot on Jan 10, 2017
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Has anyone else ever had just intermittent print issues?  Using either the out of the box printing or a custom print template, we will randomly have tasks to generate output throw connection errors with the ESRI basemaps.    We think it is getting stopped by some security configuration, but the sheer randomness of it has us completely baffled.


We contacted ESRI technical support, but weren't able to get very far in the conversation.  The fact that it works part of the time, and other times fails makes this extremely hard to troubleshoot.  It will fail 4-5 times in a row, then work flawlessly for an hour before deciding to fail again.


We have our printing set up to be synchronous, because it doesn't seem like a long enough task to require the setting of asynchronous.  


I have a sample bit of code that doesn't have any ESRI basemap on it, and I have yet to see it fail.  Unfortunately our users expect to see the same map on their printout that they see on the screen.