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Web AppBuilder and Portal 10.5....what will the release schedule look like?

Question asked by rastrauch Champion on Jan 10, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2017 by dlaw-esristaff

Hi Derek Law -- I'm leaving this a question in case it is a simple answer, but will change it to a discussion if not.


We had a presentation and discussion about ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5...and a bit more about how (using the common, pre-10.5 name)  ArcGIS Server, Portal, ArcGIS Online, and the other components are changing some of how we might think about deploying. 


So this had me asking, "how (or) will this effect the releases of Web Appbuilder"?  Typically it is AGOL first, then Web Appbuilder developer edition about a month later, then the Portal version last.   


Q: With Portal now being more integrated (for lack of better term) with the ArcGIS Server part, including most likely being on the same release schedule,will the Portal Web Appbuilder updates/release be the same as software versions (i.e. 10.5, to 10.5.1, etc) meaning possibly less updates?....will we get more/interim  releases?...will it make no difference??


I know this is a rather vague question, and the answer may be that it will be the same, but my thought process is if we install and deploy Portal for 10.5, do we want to look more into using the built in Web Appbuilder for that.  I know that the dev edition will always have more flexibility, but just trying to think outside the AGOL and dev boxes.   When I asked at the meeting, they suggested I ask you.  (lucky you)


BTW - A helpful document that may be of interest to others is the 10.5 Server Functionality Matrix 


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