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Searching for a place for a dumping ground

Question asked by Geronimo234 on Jan 10, 2017

Hi there,


I'm quite new in ArcGIS (student), so I'm not used to all the possibly tools, ideas and creations of ArcGIS.


At the moment I'm looking for a place to set up a (hypothetical) dumbing ground near Ayamonte, Spain.


I thought about using DEM data sets from EarthExplorer, calculate the flow direction of each cell (with the tool flow direction) an after that using the tool "watershed" to see where the watershed in my area are. I think this and maybe roads for transportation are the most important factor for the dumping ground for me at the moment. It's just a small exercise I'm trying to solve with ArcGIS.


On the new data set I can't see any really watershed, some areas have values from 0 to 68 (water and watersheds), some areas 68 to 156 (looks like the watersheds as well) but on the other two value-sections (233-351 and 351-643) is see some small lakes for example as well. Did I miss something?


Thank you for the ideas and your help!


Greets Geronimo