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Have to Keep Validating Data Store

Question asked by mgmccart on Jan 11, 2017

In mid-December, we started noticing issues with our REST services on 10.4.1 ArcServer. REST services were running but no data was coming through. One of the first things we checked was to confirm that Data Stores were validated. We clicked the 'Validate All' under SITE>DATA STORE in Manager. That solved the problem.


The issue is now that we have to validate all data stores every morning for our REST services to run correctly. Has anyone else run into this issue? Our server team confirm that patches were made to the OS during that time period and I am confident that those patches could be our culprit but need documentation to present back to our server team. As I mentioned, all was working fine until mid-December.


Any suggestions?


We're running ArcServer 10.4.1 and SDE 10.4.1 on Oracle 12C.