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Area solar radiation tool global output seems wrong?

Question asked by colinmurray on Jan 8, 2017
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I've ran a few Area Solar Radiation tool models for an entire year with one month intervals. For all three runs I found that the global outputs (the total for the entire year for direct, diffuse, and duration) are composite rasters containing the first three months of the year. This seems to be entirely wrong results. In my opinion the total annual output for a cell should equal all 12 months combined for that particular cell. And definitely not a red, green, blue composite of the first 3 months. Any ideas as to what the issue is? Is it correct for me to just use the Raster Calculator to add all the month outputs together to get the correct annual outputs? The screen clip below shows the annual output raster legends for direct and diffuse radiation. Notice it's a composite and not a single band raster of values.

Screen clip of an Area Solar Radiation tool output showing the global outputs are colour composites of the first 3 months.