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Inspection Surveys: Need advice for organizing choice lists and external cascading selects

Question asked by hyunus-esristaff Employee on Jan 5, 2017
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I have created a survey for inspection of various business entities within a city. Common attributes are: City, Business Entity Name, geopoint or QRCode, Business Entity Address, Business Entity License Number, etc. Since we have a very large number of business entities, we are employing External Lists for Business Entities and another one for Business Entities Address. The workflow is as follows:

  • Select Ciy (e.g. Happyville): All the Businesses in Happyville are loaded to a Business Name Select_External list > Select a Business > The Address of that Business is then selected from another Select_External list


While this workflow is working fine, I’ve come across a few issues where I need some guidance as to how to set up the Survey XLSform optimally. Here you go:

  1. Is there any way we can populate multiple controls based on a selection? For example, when I select a Business Name, I would like the Address as well as the License Number populated at the same time. Right now, when I select a Business Name (already a Select_External list with three columns: Name, label, city), I then search in another select_external list for the address. Is there any way I can simplify this process because right now, I’ve to maintain two different select_external lists – one for the business name and the other for the address – leading to quite a bit of duplication and unnecessary additional data impacting survey loading time.
  2. Related to the previous question, is there any way that in a cascaded select case, the value is selected by default? For example, when I select a Business Name, I search for the Address in another select_external list and display it as a radio button that is not selected by default. Ideally, I would like to show the address just as a text but I guess that is not possible due to cascading; however, is there a way that the address is actually selected by default?
  3. Some of my questions in the survey are really short with short answers, for example: Floor Number, office number, etc. Is there any way to show a question and the text box for answer on the same line instead of separate lines?Shows what I would like to achieve in the survey

I’m attaching a sample survey with this email. I’ve included about ten rows of data in select_external so that you can play with the survey. Once you play with the survey a bit, my questions above will start making more sense…. Looking forward to your feedback.