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Selected Extent Too Small for Get Map Data- CityEngine

Question asked by Holisticbynature on Jan 4, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2017 by Holisticbynature

I keep getting this error while trying to get map data. I am not sure what I am doing incorrectly. I do this because there is a known bug in 2016.1 where you can't map to layer attributes without a raster image of some type in the scene or a layer that has an attribute whose named is shared with the rule*(See Cheryl's comment below).  


I can get it to work at a very low resolution when zoomed out, but the same is not possible when zoomed in. Is there any guidance between the relationship between the resolution or extent for this feature? 


Any ideas? 

Relevant documentation page: Get map data from ArcGIS Online / Portal