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Hang on Regularize Building Footprints

Question asked by atvanwie on Jan 3, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by kduri-esristaff

I have extracted building footprints from raster imagery using image classification in ArcGIS Desktop and Spatial Analyst, using the training sample manager and 4-band imagery. However, when I now try to run the extracted footprints through Regularize Building Footprints in 3D Analyst, it gets hung up. I don't know if it is the polygonalized raster footprints and their complexity or if the tool itself has issues. It hangs at the same 7% complete every time and I need to force quit ArcGIS and reboot my machine to get rid of the hung process. I've tried filling holes, aggregate, and generalizing, to no avail. Same thing happens with the tool in ArcGIS Pro.


Anyone have issues with Regularize Building Footprints? Or is there a process that will get my footprints through?