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Public Notification app - Address Searching

Question asked by ascullyCOT on Jan 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by CBuscaglia-esristaff

Hopefully about to put the finishing touches on our implementation of this app.  2 related things have me stumped however.  In our Parcels feature class, there is no 'Site Address' field.  Instead we have 3 fields that can be used together to generate the site address - street number, street direction and street name.  

In the config.js file, for 'ParcelLayerSettings', I am trying to find the right syntax in the 'InfoWindowTitleFields' that will concatenate these 3 fields to display the site address.  No luck - It can handle 1 field, but I cannot find the right way to code this for all 3 fields to show up as one.  I have tried every possibility I can think of, and am beginning to fear that that parameter can only handle 1 field.  

Similarly, when I do an address search, the correct address is found (the SearchExpression references all 3 fields with '+' as the concatenation operator), but the result in the search results is listed as 'undefined'.  If you click on the 'undefined' it does indeed select and zoom to the correct parcel.  The 'SearchDisplayFields' is set to all 3 fields (street number, direction and name) but this doesn't appear in the search box.  Even when I include only 1 field in the SearchDisplayFields (streetname, for example) the result is still 'undefined'.


Here are the options I have tried for the InfoWindowTitleFields:

1 - Works w/ single field, field name in double quotes:  InfoWindowTitleFields: "STREETNAME",

These do not work:

InfoWindowTitleFields: "STREETNUM,STREETDIR,STREETNAME",  (this returns only the first field listed - those below return the default error value 'N/A')




InfoWindowTitleFields: "STREETNO + ' ' + STREETDIR + ' ' + STREETNAME",


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