HotSpot Analysis using GP service

Discussion created by esrimohan on Jan 2, 2017



I have created hotspot geo processing(GP) rest service in my arcgis server . I am trying to consume in my client application using javascript api . The client application was built using WAB for developer edition . When creating the GP service I have defined two parameters one is input layer and another one is analysis field . For the input layer I am passing featureset but I am always getting input paramater is not valid . The problem is when i convert the features into featureset , spatial refrence is getting added in the each feature geometry(the spatial ref available in two places layer definition and each feature) .But in my created GP service input spatial reference is available only in the layer definition(only one place) not in the each feature . I feel the issue because of schema mismatch , any one help me how to resolve the issue . Using arcgis 10.4.1 . WAB 2.2 and JS API 3.18