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How to mask or exclude everything outside the contour line shapes.

Question asked by RC123 on Dec 30, 2016
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The images below are kind of crude but I hope they help explain what I am trying to accomplish.  The blue background is a TIN and the star shapes are from a shapefile with contour lines.  How can I get the TIN to only show the data inside the contour lines?  Do I mask the TIN or re-create the TIN?  Or, extract by mask?  The contour lines represent lake depths and there are actually many more lines within the shapes/lakes.  The TIN shows the depths which are negative.  The blue area outside the shapes is identified as having a depth of -5 so that area might be lowland or swamp or something but I want to exclude it from the TIN.  If I try to change the color of any area that is -5 then I loose the color inside the shapes as well as outside the shapes.

     what it looks like now above and what I want it to look like below